Article I.                       Name

The name of this organization shall be: “South Eastern Michigan Mud, Sweat & Gears 4x4 Club”

Article II.                    Purpose and Objectives

This organization shall be non-profit in nature, bringing together and promoting the interest of family four wheeling, as well as enjoying our country’s natural resources. This organization shall support the Great Lakes Four Wheel Drive Association (GLFWDA) and abide by its bylaws and procedures.

Article III.                 Membership and Dues

Section 3.01  Membership is open to four-wheel drive enthusiast, by invitation, who have attended at least two club events in which three or more active club members are present and at least two club meetings within a period of no more than one calendar year. After fulfilling the requirements for membership, potential members may petition the club for membership.

Section 3.02  Membership in the club is limited to 75 members.

Section 3.03 Membership Dues and Rights:

(a)     Membership shall consist of an annual fee of $75 due at or by the January meeting. Dues are to be paid online at the MSG website, by check or by cash to the Treasurer.

(b)     Membership shall include a 1-year membership with GLFWDA, United Four Wheel Drive Association (UFWDA), monthly publication of Mud, Sweat & Gears meeting minutes, Boondocker quarterly newsletter, and the United Voice Newspaper. Members have the right to vote if in attendance and will be eligible for club sponsored events (providing they are a member in good standing).

(c)      A club membership may be placed on hold should special circumstances arise. The member must petition the executive board and board of directors for approval. The period shall be no shorter than 6 months and no longer than one year. Upon a membership being placed on hold, voting rights shall be suspended. For an “on hold” member to be brought back into “eligible” status, said member must have attended two meetings while on hold, or attended two meetings before petitioning the executive board and board of directors for re-instatement, membership will be terminated. From this point, they would be treated as any new potential member and be required to meet the requirements listed in Section 3.01 and Section 3.03a to rejoin the club.

(d)     Associate Membership Dues and Rights:

                 (i)     Any business or organization may apply for associate membership. The voting members will review the application and vote on accepting the entity as an associate member.

               (ii)     Associate membership dues will be $100 due annually by January 31st.

             (iii)     Association membership shall include links to the business or organization on our website. Associate members will be deemed non-voting members.

Section 3.04  There will be one vote per member present.

Section 3.05  The age limit for members is 18 years of age. Each member must hold a driver’s license and have adequate insurance coverage.

Section 3.06  Roll bars are mandatory in all soft top vehicles and seatbelts must be worn in all vehicles during club off-road functions.

Section 3.07  To remain a member in good standing, regular club members must pay their dues within 30 days of the due date, attend at least two club events and attend two club meetings per calendar year. If these requirements are not met, said member will be deemed “not in good standing” and lose voting privileges until such a time as they attend two meetings and/or dues are paid in full. The first meeting of the calendar year is the cut off for returning to “member in good standing”, after which, member shall be treated as any other new potential member and be required to meet the conditions in Section 3.01 and Section 3.03a to rejoin the club. All membership is subject to the discretion of the executive board.

Section 3.08  All members must conduct themselves in a responsible, respectable and orderly manner at all times.

Section 3.09  All members are expected to remove any club association items off vehicles that are being sold to non-club members.

Section 3.10  All members are expected to fly club colors (club stickers) on your four-wheel drive vehicle at all club functions.

Section 3.11  Membership is defined as a single person or married couple. In the case of a married couple, each person will have voting privileges providing that their membership is in good standing as defined in Section 3.07. New or potential spouses must meet the requirements of Section 3.01 and be voted in.

Article IV.                 Executive Board and Duties:

Section 4.01  The executive board in this club shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

(a)     President: The President shall be the executive officer and will preside at all meetings. He/she shall have the duty of carrying out policies and decisions of the members.

(b)     Vice President: The Vice President shall assist the President and act on his/her behalf in the case of absence. He/she shall have the duty of the trail master and will be responsible for coordinating club trips.

(c)      Secretary: The Secretary shall record all minutes of the meetings, notify the members if there is a change in meeting place or time, maintain club records, publish newsletter to website and write any correspondence as directed.

(d)     Treasurer: The Treasurer shall receive all monies, be responsible for all bank deposits, disperse funds as authorized and have books open for inspection by authorized auditors or club officers. There shall be one other authorized signer listed on the club account at all times.

Article V.                    Board of Directors:

Section 5.01  Membership Chairperson: A membership chairperson’s duties include reviewing new club applicants and present them to the membership. He/she shall be responsible for introducing guests and shall keep a log of all visitors at meetings and club outings.

Section 5.02  Patch/Decal Chairperson: The patch/decal chairpersons shall maintain a record of all club patches, decals and miscellaneous items for sale.

Section 5.03  Historian: The historian shall be responsible for keeping all documented information, pictures, flyers or any information that may be deemed valuable for future reference.

Section 5.04  Clothes Chairperson: The clothes chairperson shall be responsible for taking a list of all interested parties in the purchase of clothes, hats, banners, etc., and seeing orders through.

Section 5.05  Website Chairperson: The website chairperson shall be responsible for maintaining and updating the club website, the club email address and the club’s social media accounts.

Article VI.     Meetings:

Membership meetings shall be held once a month. Meetings will be tentatively held on the second Sunday of each month. The executive board will review the calendar annually or bi-annually and set the calendar for the coming year, considering any potential conflicts with holidays or events and adjusting the calendar as needed. They will present the calendar to the membership at the first meeting of the year. The meetings will be held at a location that will be determined at the meeting of the prior month by club members (subject to change with the vote of membership). Special meetings may be called prior to the regular meeting for any designated purpose.

Article VII.  Elections and Voting:

Elections for executive board members and board of directors shall be held at the first regular business meeting of each year. Nominations shall be accepted from the floor. A majority of 51% of the eligible membership votes will be the rule for all matters. Eligible membership votes are defined as votes from members present and in good standing, or eligible as determined by the executive board.

Section 7.01  Quorum: For a meeting of the members, quorum shall consist of at least forty percent (40%) of the members in good standing.

Section 7.02  Voting: All issues to be voted on shall be decided by a 51% majority of those present at the meeting in which the vote takes place.

Article VIII.                       Amendments to the By-Laws:

These by-laws may be amended by a majority vote of 51% of eligible (as defined in Article VII) membership votes, provided the amendment has been presented at a previous meeting. The membership shall be notified at least two weeks prior to making the vote for this purpose.

Article IX.     Parliamentary Authority:

Robert’s Rule of Order, Revised, shall be the parliamentary authority in all matters not covered in these by-laws.